Embroidered Exquisite Amber Sceats Ashen Studs Silver/Pearl - Christmas Gifts MD229 - Y.k%p-#.&-42829 - Accessories

Embroidered Exquisite Amber Sceats Ashen Studs Silver/Pearl - Christmas Gifts MD229 - Y.k%p-#.&-42829 - Accessories

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Comfortable flat shoes two pairs or more high heels is good, the United States is beautiful, however, for a lot of daily to go jumping and walking around the sister, most of the feet still can not stand the torture. Therefore, flat shoes is essential. We- choose flat shoes when not to choose their own good-looking flat shoes, but to choose wear on our body nice flat shoes. Therefore, I do not recommend that youGifts go to buy nothing with the Department of flat shoes, it will make your whole body short legs a lot, and in fact one day down is tired, if the floor is colder, but also easy to catch cold. Like the figure of- this although the overall flat butY.k%p-#.&-42829 still have a little with the shoes I recommend the style, wearing not tired. Flat shoes and the choice of color and high heels, are black (or their own hair color) and nude color is the most wild. In view of the flat shoes are usually cheaper, so you can buy a few pairs, if you want to buy, it is recommended to buy the reason to YanEmbroideredSilver/Pearl colorAmber flat, because many times we will wear too small or too dark, for example, winter wear black tights , The whole person will look very dull. Here I choose is red, but in fact more vivid colors, such as sapphire blue,Ashen green, can, look at individuals like to drink suitable, and can be considered with the existing Chromic accessories (bags, headband) to buy the same color, This will be more with the effort. The reason to metal color, or to save sometimes too dark to wear. In addition, if the naked color of the flat and nude color of the high-heeled, thenChristmas the gold can actually replace the nude color, because it does not conflict with the other other colors, so- with a lot of

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peace of mind. With the principle is that the warm skin selection of gold, cold pick silver, can also refer to their own gold or silver accessories to supportAccessories the choice. Shoes and then look good, in front of the cold wind will appear no temperature, autumnSceats and winter season must wear boots, if not particularly cold,Studs you can also choose UGG. A little bit of a special cold that is a few days, if you wear pantyhose, you can put the patch-type warm baby pad in the soles of the feet, college four years

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dormitory no air conditioning, without this tip I have been cold dead ten thousand times. Ankle boots or Martin boots is the key to see the winter masculine index, if you take the handsome route Martin boots better, but if you want some neutral bootsExquisite so ordinary style ankle boots can be. Color, black or brown or dark blue can be, the main purpose is to be seamless with theEmbroidered Exquisite Amber Sceats Ashen Studs Silver/Pearl - Christmas Gifts MD229 - Y.k%p-#.&-42829 - Accessories legs, to minimize the existence of their own shoes, the maximum leg to look long. Boots not only to buy right, but also to wear on. On the left side of the problem is the boots and socks too too abrupt, not completely seamless, the right is the color inconsistency (boots pants color consistent long legs) plus the middle of a correct way to open the pants into the boots, pants and boots Generally choose the color of the similar. This is not only look handsome, butMD229 also very warm. If it is pantyhose, choose the boots open a smaller style can be. Especially recommended for wearing a flat floor is not used to wear high heel, or tall do not want to always stumbled but stunned but the pain of the people, the slope heels is a good compromise choice. Of course, with the fine high with the ratio, the slope is not so elegant, but not so demanding in the moment, such as with the girlfriend out shopping, a pair of comfortable slope with enough. According to the principle of color wild, this pair of slope with the best is the flesh color, in addition, do not recommend the selection of rattan slope, because it is easy to dirty, dirty it seems very price. In addition, because the slope isChristmas Gifts easy to look bulky, it is recommended to compare the heel relative income. With the style and nude color with the same height, but slightly casual point.

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